Statement For Parents – Clifton College



Pastoral care:

When enrolling my child/children on a course with UKLC, I understand that I am consenting to the following levels of care:

  • There will be a UKLC team available 24/7 at the centre my child/children are attending
  • There will be 24-hour support available to that team from UKLC Head office
  • When my child/children are actively participating in lessons/sessions organized by UKLC, the UKLC team will be responsible for their safety and discipline
  • Outside of these times, the UKLC team will support the Group Leader 24/7 in their role to supervise and be responsible for my child/children.
  • For individual students travelling without a group leader, the role of  ‘group leader’ will be covered by a dedicated member of the UKLC team.

Emergency contact:

I also agree to provide my booking agent with an emergency contact number of an adult responsible for my child/children which will be passed on to UKLC. I will ensure that this number is correct and I will explain the level of English of the person stated.

Supervision on excursions:

I am happy to know that on excursions, students are supervised by the UKLC team and their group leader/s (where applicable). All excursions have an element of free time incorporated into the itinerary if the group leader/parent/guardian agrees (if no free time is desired then UKLC team members will continue to supervise the group). Free time is age dependent as follows: under 10 years old – no unaccompanied free time, 11-14 – groups of 4 to 5 students are allowed free time but must return to the agreed meeting point every 30 to 45 minutes (this is city dependent e.g. in larger cities the time will be shorter) and if possible UKLC team members and group leaders will still accompany, 14-17 – groups of 3 to 4 students are allowed free time and must return to the agreed meeting point every hour to 90 minutes. On no account should students wander off alone. Students will have their wristband and lanyard and be aware of the meeting points.

Supervision at Clifton College:

Team members will be privy to supervision of students around Clifton College. The level of supervision is determined by age.

  • Students aged 13 and under – will be accompanied at all times, including movement between buildings, crossing roads and accessing boarding houses
  • Students aged 14 to 15 – will be able to move within the parameters of the school unaccompanied but must not leave the school grounds
  • Students aged 16 and over – will be able to move withing the parameters of the school unaccompanied and visit the local town but with clear guidelines and check-in times with UKLC team members or their group leaders
  • House Leaders will be present for each boarding house in operation. Their duties include, but are not limited to, being present and accessible in boarding houses during which times students are present. including before breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening times. Being the key link between the students, group leaders and UKLC management team.
  • House Leaders ensure that all students have returned safely to their rooms and are going to bed, by doing corridor checks and by asking the group leaders to message the UKLC duty phone once this is the case.

*By welfare we mean meeting students’ religious, cultural and dietary needs, helping students deal with any issues relating to harassment, bullying, actual or threatened violence, damage to personal property, verbal and other abuse based on racial, sexual or religious differences.

Medical consent:

I understand and consent to the fact that in the event that my child/children are involved in a serious accident or become seriously unwell, UKLC will ensure that the relevant professional medical help is sought. The group leader (where applicable) will be informed and/or I will be contacted. In the event of the group leader/emergency contact not being available, a UKLC team member or host will take charge and take my child/children to hospital. All available details of the student will be given to the medical practitioners.

In the event of my child/children requiring urgent medical attention where consent must be given, the group leader will immediately contact me or the emergency contact given. If I cannot be reached, the group leader will, in conjunction with the agent, take any necessary decision. If the group leader cannot be found, a member of UKLC Senior Leadership team will confer with me and/or the booking agent to make a decision. If I cannot be reached and the booking agent cannot be reached, a member of UKLC Senior Leadership will confer with the group leader to make a decision. Where necessary I am happy to consent that UKLC Senior Leadership will make a decision.

Data protection:

Finally, in line with the new European legislation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on 25th May 2018, UKLC will ensure that all data collected will be securely stored and only used to provide the products and services I have requested from them.

During the course UKLC may take photographs or videos of my child/children but these will only be used for marketing purposes where consent has been specifically given by me to the agent I booked through. If my child is over the age of 13, they will be asked on arrival if they wish to give consent for their image to be used. Consent may be withdrawn at any time by emailing [email protected].

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