As specialists in programmes for young people aged 8-17, the safeguarding of children is fundamental to the way UKLC views and ensures the well-being of its students. We have developed robust systems and processes for managing the welfare of children in our centres.

Steps we take to ensure the welfare of students;

  • All staff undergo appropriate background and safeguarding checks;
  • A dedicated Safeguarding and Welfare Coordinator is appointed to every site during the summer. For year-round groups our Ministay Coordinators manage safeguarding and welfare support;
  • All students are given an induction lesson highlighting the rules for their centre and all group leaders attend an induction meeting when they arrive which details their responsibilities;
  • We work with group leaders to ensure their students have a safe and enjoyable stay, taking full responsibility for students when they are in lessons and on scheduled activities. We assist group leaders to ensure students’ safety and care outside of scheduled activities and during excursions;
  • UKLC staff are available 24 hours a day for any issue that may arise and there is a 24-hour emergency number for partners, parents and students;
  • All students get a UKLC wristband and lanyard to be worn at all times;
  • Individuals are allocated to a member of UKLC staff who will act as their group leader and point of reference at all times (summer only);
  • Our Operations and Safeguarding Handbook is distributed to all staff and is available to download on the website. Policies and procedures for welfare and safeguarding are available on our website and in our downloadable handbooks.

Student Resilience and Wellbeing;

Whilst the physical welfare and safety of our students has always been important, we believe that we need to focus on their mental welfare too.
In recent years there has been a greater awareness of mental health in young people. An experience away from home, especially in the current global climate, is an opportunity to strengthen that.

Along with sessions on General Safety and e-Safety, we have introduced a new session for every student. We dedicate lesson time to “Resilience and Well-being”. It will help students to process the ever-changing world around them and their ability to adapt to it. We also offer them ideas and tools to manage their own well-being.