Integration into a UK School

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Integration into a UK School

UKLC offers groups the opportunity to immerse themselves into the British education system by participating in an integration programme. Students can choose to partake in this programme from as little as 1 day (as part of a general ministay) up to 4 weeks, depending on the group’s requirements.


Integration means bringing things together to create something new and unique.

UKLC will bring together international students with a local British school to give both the possibility to live an empowering cultural experience. Students will live each day as and with British students enrolled in the British curriculum and will participate in all aspects of the school day during their visit.


You will receive a full programme prior to arrival, detailing the daily programme, including excursions and visits into town, if applicable. The group will be provided with the 24/7 emergency contact number of the UKLC staff member coordinating the group.

UKLC will be responsible for making sure students know how to travel to and from school safely each day.


Each International student that attends this programme will be assigned a “buddy” on their first day of school. They will follow their buddy’s timetable throughout their stay, participating in all aspects of the curriculum. The buddy will be their confidante, first point of contact and guide around the school, making their stay a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

During the school day students will be involved in conversation and activities in recreational areas. In those areas, students will be able to eat their packed lunches provided by UKLC every day, and all dietary requirements will be adhered to.


Once the school day ends, UKLC will meet the group at the school, ready to deliver a fun and engaging activity or excursion within Chester. These activities can involve photography workshops, book clubs, and visits to local landmarks, such as the Chester Cathedral and the Roman walls.

At the end of the afterschool activity at around 17:30, the students will be accompanied to the bus interchange or to their pickup location.


UKLC will be responsible for the wellbeing of the students by providing qualified safeguarding support from the programme coordinator. UKLC will provide full-board accommodation in Chester for the students and group leaders.

For any further information on integration programmes, please contact [email protected] or call +44 1244 577 995

Available Dates

  • 7th September 2022 - 27th June 2023

Available Dates

  • 7th September 2022 - 27th June 2023

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