We have 2 Spanish partners in this project.

LANGUAGE KINGDOM is a company that has been devoted to teaching languages for more than 9 years. It has kept growing and expanding to be present in 8 different regions. Their professionalism, quality programmes, high degree of concern for and involvement in the education of the English language, and its improvement, are their distinguishing features and why we have chosen them to be one of our partners on this programme. LANGUAGE KINGDOM contributes every year to the education of over 12,500 Spanish and Italian students. Within the variety of programmes that they offer, the vast majority of them are face-to-face lessons.

SCHOLA is a company with over eighteen years of experience organising educational programmes and activities related to language learning both in Spain and abroad. They have extensive experience in the organisation of vocational placements and they are based in a modern English language school. We have chosen SCHOLA as one of our partners in this project due to their experience and expertise in the organisation of work placements. We also have an existing working relationship with them as they have sent students to study with us for the past few years. They are currently working with more than 250 schools and developing different programmes: extracurricular lessons, teacher training, linguistic immersion programs in Spain and abroad, the possibility of obtaining the American High School Diploma from Spain and some other activities that pushes them to always keep active and vigilant about finding and training the best teachers.