How do I apply?

To apply for a position with UKLC, visit our 'Work with Us' tab below and click on the 'Apply Now' button.
This will take you to our online application form. You can then select the role you are interested in, complete the application form and upload your CV.

Do I need to be qualified to apply?

To learn more about the specific requirements for each role, visit the titled section tabs below where you can download each of the job descriptions.

Do I need to have experience?

We welcome anyone with relevant experience either in sports coaching or EFL. However, we are happy to consider newly qualified teachers and instructors who are looking to gain their first experience in a friendly and supportive environment.

How do you decide which centre you will send me to?

On our application form you can state your three preferences and these will be taken into consideration. We try as hard as possible to offer work to people in the locations they request but be aware that some of the most popular centres will fill up quickly.
Also, as we have a strong policy of team development, we like to offer priority to returning team members in terms of centre choice and contract length.

How many working weeks will be available?

The contract lengths vary from centre to centre, ranging from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of eight weeks.

Where and when will I be interviewed?

Candidates are invited for a remote interview (usually by Zoom or Microsoft Teams) conducted by a member of the Recruitment Team.

For management positions, there is a two-stage interview, the first with a member of our Recruitment Team and the second with a member of the our Senior Leadership Team.