ETN Focus PON Event Naples

ETN Focus PON Event Naples March 2019

Between the 7th-9th March 2019 our Out of Summer Manager Jamie traveled to Naples to attend the ETN Focus PON Event. This event was an excellent opportunity for UKLC to learn more about the ever-changing landscape of PON funding in Italy. Alongside some interesting seminars from industry experts, Jamie also had the chance to meet with current and potential partners and discuss all of our programmes for junior students.

in 2017 Italian Secondary schools were able to claim a maximum of €45,000 to send a group of up to 15 students to study overseas to complete a three-week European language course within the EU, through the new European Citizenship arm of the PON scheme.

A total of €80m was been allocated to the European Citizenship ‘action’ – one of ten that now make up PON – with some of that money going to finance language and citizenship courses within Italy.

UKLC is an experienced provider of PON projects for Italian schools. We understand the specific requirements of these groups, which is why we work with our partners to offer the best tailored programmes in accordance with tender requests.
We host PON groups in both London and the historic city of Chester. The programmes we offer combine work-based English lessons, workshops, seminars, visits and/or full work experience placements

Industry events like this one really give UKLC the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest news in the student travel industry, and ensures that the programmes we offer are relevant for our valued partners and students.

Jamie is really looking forward to building relations with those partner agencies he met in Naples and sharing our programmes with them.

For more information on our PON programmes please visit our website here or contact [email protected]