UKLC Covid-19 Related FAQ’s

September 25th 2020

UKLC Covid Related FAQ’s – Reassuring Parents & Agents

The emergence of Covid-19 and it’s sudden effect on the world is plain to see for everyone. Our lives changed dramatically within days and the world stopped. As we navigate the “new normal” and a slow return to how things were, we must be aware of people’s concerns, apprehensions and feelings towards international travel at this time.

At UKLC, what drives us forward is the inevitability that the need and want for international travel will always be there. People will always have a passion to enhance their education, to be inspired by different cultures and to have their lives enriched by  experiences, and we will be there when this happens.

Summer 2020 has been challenging for us all, including you, our partners, but together we are stronger and we are looking forward to working together towards 2021! 

Summer 2021 may be a little bit different, but the experience and joy the students will gain will still be the same. Many of our partners and colleagues have asked us what measures we will be implementing to reassure parents during the booking process. 

Our job is always to keep our students safe. Alongside everything that we usually have in place in order to do this, we have now added in some new elements that will help us minimise the risk of Covid-19. (For a comprehensive look at our policies and procedures please see our OSH (Operations and Safeguarding Handbook) on our website ( This will continue to be updated regularly in line with government guidance. The key points (and the most common questions received) for groups arriving from October 2020 are highlighted for you here:

What information will UKLC need during the booking process?

During the booking process:
We ask that you take extra care to ensure that all information about a student’s health is carefully gathered and communicated to us. Where there is an underlying health condition, we will need to be fully informed and aware. We will then ensure this student takes extra precautions and that we have a very close eye on their health and wellbeing.

What training will UKLC staff be doing and how aware of the policies will they be?

During our UKLC Team training:
We have reviewed and amended our team training to ensure that we cover all aspects of being Covid-19 secure. UKLC team members will be fully versed in hygiene, student management and hygiene, Covid-19 symptoms – what to look for and what to do if you spot something, managing excursions and transport and maintaining social distance where possible. Each team member must pass an online test to ensure they fully understand UKLC’s procedures before they arrive on campus.

How will your centres support our students?

Centre support:
We have met with all our centres and, as they are all educational establishments, they are keen to work with us and share with us their new policies and procedures for operating in a Covid-19 secure manner. We have updated our agreements with them in terms of:
• Cleaning – to ensure proper sanitisation and high standards are met
• Ventilation – in classrooms, in accommodation and in communal areas
• Managing an outbreak – how we will all respond to keep such an occurrence to a minimum and contained

As stated above we have worked closely with our centres and so we will only place students in residential accommodation where there are clear procedures on being COVID-19 secure.

Can you show us what you will be doing in centres to make them covid secure for groups in the way of social distancing, masks and excursions/evening entertainment? 

We will implement:

  • Handwashing – we will introduce moments in the day for students to wash their hands before and after lessons, activities, excursions and mealtimes. These will be supervised and monitored.
  • Hand sanitisers – will be made available throughout the centres and students will be encouraged to use them regularly.
  • Temperature checking – will operate in all centres and will take place on a daily basis.
  • Face coverings – all students will be required to wear face coverings when out of the centre on excursions.
  • Excursions – will avoid crowded areas and venues where possible
  • Student groupings – we will keep students within their groups or class groups in order to reduce the amount of mixing.
  • Activities will operate in smaller groups (as above) and we will not be holding indoor events that involve large numbers of students such as discos.
  • Finally, we will be introducing wellbeing activities into the lessons to help students understand the nature of risk and manage any anxiety that they may be feeling with coping strategies.

What happens if a student, group leader of staff member contracts Covid-19?

Full details of our response and be found in our OSH (Operations and Safeguarding Handbook) on our website ( however a brief overview would be;

If a student presents with symptoms that could relate to a case of Covid-19, 

  • A staff member should be asked to volunteer to supervise the student.
  • The Centre Manager should be immediately be informed and should contact NHS 111 (or 999 in
    emergencies) on behalf of the student. The SMT should be informed and via the group leader /agent
    contact the parents as soon as possible.
  • The student would use a separate bathroom which should be cleaned after use.
  • The member of staff who has assisted the student showing symptoms does not need to go home
    unless they develop symptoms themselves. They should wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds
    with normal household products after any contact with an unwell student or colleague.

If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 at the centre, the SMT will inform the local Public Health
Protection team. They will discuss the case, identify others who may have been in contact with the
affected person, prepare a risk assessment, and advise on any further actions or precautions that
need to be taken, including a possible Lockdown / Closure.

Where the student is in residential accommodation:

  • The student will need to isolate in their room. If they share a room then their roommates will need to
    be taken to a different room, self-isolate and be monitored for any symptoms.
  • Meals and extra linens would be brought to the room

Where the student is being hosted by a family and shows symptoms or tests positive:

  • UKLC will communicate with the host agency to inform them

Hosts will need to isolate together with students.

If someone presents with Covid-19 symptoms whilst at the centre, and/or they find out they have been in
close contact with someone who has Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms, they should:

  • Stay at least 2 metres away from others
  • Go to a separate well-ventilated room / area behind a closed door
  • Avoid touching anything
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue and put it in a bin, or if they do not have tissues, cough and sneeze into
    the crook of their elbow
  • Use a separate bathroom, where possible
    They should use their own mobile phone to call either:
    • for NHS advice: 111 • for an ambulance, if they’re seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk: 999.

If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 at a UKLC centre, we will take guidance from the local Public Health
Protection team. They will discuss the case, identify others who may have been in contact with the affected
person and advise on any further actions or precautions that need to be taken.

However it is possible that a large number of students may be asked to self-isolate in their accommodation as
a precautionary measure, that a residential block may be asked to self-isolate, or that an entire site may be
locked down. This decision would ultimately be made by the Public Health Protection team.

Rest assured that this would be a last option after all other mitigating measures had not worked. Such measures
would include:

  • Delivering provision as normal but with additional cleaning / social distancing measures in place
  • Partially opening the centre to a limited number of students
  • Asking a partner/sister school for assistance
  • In this scenario, we would inform all students, group leaders and agents and work with them to arrange transport.

Other FAQ’s

When will my students traveling to the UK need to start using a passport rather than ID cards? 

Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU this question has been a frequent question from partners. According to the ICEF website.

  • Photo ID cards will no longer be accepted as of October 2021 as identity documents for European travellers entering the UK

We will keep you updated with any changes to this when we know.


Please find some further FAQ’s based on our recent Agent webinar. We will update these in line with new information.


What Summer Centres will you be running this Summer 2021?

This year we have taken the decision to run The University of Chester as our sole Summer centre.


Is Chester a good option for my groups?

Year after year, The University of Chester is one of our most popular centres. We believe that Chester is one of our best options for students of all ages due to it’s proximity to major airports along with the exciting activities and excursions programme offered. Offering predominantly high quality single en -suite accommodation and spacious grounds it is a very well equipped centre to host students considering the current operational guidelines. 


What airports can transfers be arranged to and from?

Transfers can be arranged from most major airports. The nearest major airports being Manchester Airport (35 minutes) Liverpool Airport (40 minutes) Birmingham Airport (1hr 50 minutes). As mentioned, transfers can be arranged from London based airports. Groups will often travel in to London based airports and have a stop off on route at a place of interest to break up the journey (3-4hr +).


Can you offer my groups flexible arrival dates?

Yes, we can offer groups flexible arrival dates this year to work around the groups needs and flights.


Can you offer us flexible deposit dates?

Yes, until it is clear that your groups can travel, we are not expecting to receive deposit payments. In the eventuality that the group cannot travel due to any covid related restrictions, we promise to fully refund any deposit payments made.


Can you only accept students from green list countries, even if the student has been vaccinated?

Currently, we are anticipating only groups from green list countries. Students will be unable to travel from red list countries despite being vaccinated as the restrictions are based on the traffic light system and not the status of vaccination. If you have students wishing to travel from an amber list country, please get in touch with us and it is possible that we could work with you to provide a programme that incorporates their isolation period and testing.


If a country is not yet on the green list, do you know when the updated traffic light system announcement will be?

We are anticipating announcement updates on the 6th June and 28th June after which we will update everyone considering travelling. Please see the current traffic light explanation below.


Can you take 18 year olds in the centre this year?

Yes, we are accepting 18 year olds as students for this Summer 2021.


Do we have to provide our students with PCR tests?

PCR tests will be arranged as part of the flight booking process with your airlines. It is an extra element to consider, however once at site, UKLC will take over and ensure the students tests are processed and managed correctly.


What if a student displays symptoms or tests positive during their stay with you?

We have a system in place which would help to quickly isolate the individual student along with anyone they may have been in contact with and care for anyone needing it, providing the most reassurance and care possible We would continue to provide a programme for the group until evidence of negative tests. We are asking our partners to ensure that all students are covered by the necessary covid related Insurance which would cover any costs of prolonged care needed and eventualities relating to this. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding insurance providers. Please find this explained in more detail via our website link here.